Setting Up

Some of my clients have a clear vision from the start and know exactly how they want everything to look. They might also have spent lots of time and effort sourcing, making and collecting lots of beautiful things to dress the venue but just need someone to set it out on the day.

It’s a joy to lay everything out and set up your tables but don’t underestimate the time it can take. It can be very time-consuming setting everything out on the tables and making sure that everything is in the right place especially if you can’t have access to your venue until the day of the event. I can do this for you and this service is not just limited to things you’ve hired from me, I’ll set up everything that needs to be in the room or venue before you arrive.

My attention to detail means that you can be reassured everything will be just so when you walk through the door as husband and wife.

Packages for setting up start at £250.00