Wedding Bouquet North East

Meet The Team

Ruby Tuesday Events started off a few years ago as a one woman show. Since then we’ve grown to offer a full and flexible styling service with a big hire collection and a flair for floral design, and I can’t do it all on my own anymore.

I’m lucky enough to have a fantastic team of strong, talented, creative, wonderful women around me who all bring so much to our team.

You’ll see most of us setting up at events around the north east but there are also a couple behind the scenes who keep things ticking over nicely.

Let’s find out a bit more about who make up Ruby Tuesday Events ……




I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was at school and I realised early on that I wanted to work for the best. With over 10 years experience in event management, I’ve worked extensively at the top end of the industry.

My previous roles have included organising, planning and running all kinds of weddings, celebrations and parties in a 5 star hotel as well as working in Michelin Star standard restaurants which require working to a very high standard. I’ve even worked for a couple of celebrity chefs along the way.

I grew up with a flower arranging mum and have always loved fresh flowers



Rachel is the right hand to my left, and we’ve been friends since our school days. We’ve also worked together within the 21 Hospitality Group both as very young adults and again later on as slightly more grown up adults. Rachel has an extensive background in hospitality and has worked in hotels, restaurants and even the Disney Cruise liner as well as the resort.

Shortly after getting married she moved to Australia with her husband and returned home after starting a family. Now with two gorgeous little people at home she is an almost full time mum. Rachel helps me on the days when I’m preparing wedding flowers and she makes all of the button holes and ladies corsages. She also mastered our specific technique for making flower crowns. Rachel is also with me on set up day too, she’s the best a tying ribbons into bows and always makes sure we get a cup of tea. 




Faye is a wedding planning colleague who has brought the concept of ‘Pop Up Weddings’ to the UK since moving home from Australia last year. She has put together a collective of great wedding suppliers all wrapped up in one stylish and affordable package that will ‘pop up’ in some amazing venues. Ruby Tuesday Events are the stylist for her pop up weddings and she’s a dream to work with Have a look at here website to find out more. Faye Darcy Pop-Up Weddings

Faye has extensive event planning and management experience so she helps with set ups when I need an extra pair of hands. She is the fastest, neatest chair sash tier I have ever seen – lightning!
Faye has a great sense of style and our creative ideas that we work on together are some of my favourite.





Today, we’d like to introduce our third member of the team, Beth. Beth is an advertising and marketing student at Northumbria University who looks after our social media. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts are all facilitated by Beth and she is a total pro at Photoshop where she creates all of our infographics.

Beth has an incredible eye for detail (demonstrated by her always flawless make up) and also a sharp sense of humour. Alongside her final year and part time job for an award winning marketing agency, she will be taking a look at the visual branding for Ruby Tuesdays and helping to redesign our logo, business cards and promotional booklets!