10 Wedding Traditions Explained

1. The White Dress
Contrary to popular belief, the traditional white dress doesn’t symbolise the brides virginity but actually is thought to have come about after Queen Victoria wore white to her own wedding. Before this became a fashion that turned into a tradition women would simply wear their best dress to get married in.

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2. Bridesmaids
Bridesmaids would dress the same (as each other and also the bride) in order to confuse evil spirits or would be kidnappers who were thought to want to take the bride.

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3. Bridal Bouquet
Centuries ago people bathed very few times a year and so carrying a bouquet of freshly cut flowers helped to mask the smell of body odour!

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4. Tiered Wedding Cakes
A long time ago guests would bring cakes to weddings as gifts and stack them up on top of each other creating the tiered effect.

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5. Wearing a Veil
Sometimes attributed to warding off those evil spirits a veil was also handy in arranged marriages where the groom did not know what his bride to be looked like. The veil would hide her face until the vows had been made meaning families could marry off their least attractive daughter without the groom getting cold feet.

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6. The Best Man
Germanic Goths would travel to neighbouring villages to take a bride of their choice without consent of either the bride or her family and would take a wing-man who wast the strongest or ‘Best’ man with them for back up.

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7. The Bride Standing on the Left
Understandably, the brides family might want to try to take her back so the bride would be held on the left hand side of the groom so his right hand or sword hand was free to fight off any rescuers.


8. The Honeymoon
Again to avoid the brides family taking her back from her new groom he would take her away and hide for 30 days or 1 moon cycle. Friends and family would bring food and honey to keep them going hence honey-moon.

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9. Throwing Confetti
This has evolved from throwing rice which was thought to encourage fertility.

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10. Wedding Favours
Traditionally, five sugared almonds were given to the ladies only to symbolise fertility, longevity, health, wealth and happiness.

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